Owner & Driver

Ben was born and raised in St-Hyacinthe (and the surrounding municipalities). In his teens he moved to St-Pie with his family, where they own a stable for a little over a decade. As a young man he held several jobs and helped the family business until he got the proper permits and settled as a driver for a company of construction material distributor. For 10 years he worked for this company, on a 9:00 to 5:00 schedule, gaining an excellent driving experience but also experience in the overall transport business.  He eventually open his own specialized transport business, which has seen considerable growth in the last few years.

He now lives on a small farm nearby St-Hyacinthe. When he is not on the road, you will see him about riding and training his horses or participating in Team Penning Competition and Extreme Horse Back Riding.

A trucker's breakfast!


How the business came to be

Driving as a salaried employee were not unhappy years... but with time, one looks behind, and then forward, and ponder where's one's path for growth might be. After much thinking, planning, researching and plenty of meetings with accountants and banks, in 2006 he saw (and the story proves he saw correctly!) that he could do this on his own: Not only did he have the driving experience necessary and knew the business well, throughout the years he got to -understand- the business and the clients' needs.

He made the move - 1 good truck, 1 flatbed with ramp, himself as a driver.


what you can expect of us

In transporation it is not about the fancy suit you wear or offering the cheapest prices ever, afterall, all business needs to make some sort of profit to survive, no, in transportation what matters is logistic: "You ought to be there when you said you will be there and the load you pick-up has to make it to point B when you said it would." You have to be available, you have to know the "road", be able to foresee what might come up so that you can remain realistic with your clients and create no false expectation.

We know that our company depends on the quality of our service which in turn is dependant of our reliability... a reliability that in today's economy must be at competitive prices.